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Turkey Creek Trail

Turkey Creek Hiking Trail

Things to do in Sedona: If you’re searching for lightly trafficked hiking trail in Sedona, Arizona, Turkey Creek Trail is for you! During this Sedona hiking adventure, the Go Hike It team only saw 2 other people. Don’t worry! Although this trail feels isolated, it’s jammed packed with incredible views of Red Rock State Park and Cathedral Rock.

Turkey Creek trail is located about 25 minutes from downtown Sedona and near Verde Valley School. The trail head is located right near the parking area, which starts on an dirt road area. Make sure to program the address ahead of time in your GPS, as the cell phone reception around Turkey Creek Trail is very limited.

The first section of the trail criss-crosses through a river creekbed and continues along a flat valley area. The trail continues up a hill, until you get to the top of House Mountain, which provides incredible panoramic views of Sedona.

This hike is recommended for more trail runners or intermediate-advanced hikers as the terrain is isolated and slightly more challenging than other Sedona hikes.

Tip: Since this trail is lightly trafficked, it’s highly recommended to bring plenty of water, trail snacks and a first aid kit.

Estimated Time: 2.5 hours

Total Distance: 6 miles

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Total Distance (miles)


Use caution. In July, Sedona's daytime temperature averages around 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

Total Estimated Time (hour)


T.C. Schnebly named Sedona after his wife in 1902.

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When to Go

Year-Round: Enjoy Turkey Creek Trail year-round! However, if you’re going during the winter or summer months, pay attention to the weather as it can be very hot or cold.

Dog Friendly

Yes, dogs are permitted on leashes on Turkey Creek Trail.

Turkey Creek Trail Map

Turkey Creek Trail Directions

Address for GPS: 34.811242, -111.815828

Why We Liked It

We loved being surrounded by nature and away from large groups of other hikers on this Sedona adventure! Turkey Creek Hiking Trail is similar to Little Horse Trail, as it’s very open and provides panoramic red rock views. Additionally, we enjoyed the varying terrain and incline climb to the top of House Mountain.

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