Solstice Canyon Hiking Trail

Santa Monica Mountains Hiking Trail

Malibu Hiking Trail: If you’re searching for a Malibu hike that has it all, Solstice Canyon is your spot! This hiking trail features family friendly trails for casual hikers and more strenuous trails for seasoned trail runners. Additionally there are picnic tables for families, waterfalls for photographers, architectural ruins for history lovers and ocean vistas for coastal lovers! Yes, Solstice Canyon truly does have it all!

Located about a 5 minute drive from Malibu Pier, Solstice Canyon is a picturesque 4-5 mile canyon trail loop in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. The trail’s parking area is free, but is often full as the trail is popular with tourists and locals. If you can’t find a parking spot in the lot, park with caution along Corral Canyon Rd.

One of the best hikes in the canyon is the Rising Sun Trail loop, which starts in the canyon and finish alongs a ridge line that provides scenic ocean views. As you start hiking into the canyon, you’ll pass the brick ruins of the Keller House, a cabin which was built over 100 years ago and destroyed in a 2007 fire. The trail continues up to The Robert’s House, which was designed by renewed architect Paul Revere Williams in 1952. The Roberts Family owned and operated Roberts Public Market, a chain of grocery stores in the Santa Monica Area. The house was destroyed in a 1982 wildfire and today hikes can explore the areas remnants.

Shortly past The Robert’s House is the Solstice Canyon Waterfall. Depending on the time of year, the waterfall may be very small. After you pass hike to the water fall, you’ll continue back to The Robert’s House area and then continue up the hill along the Rising Sun Trail. This initial climb is challenging, but the ocean views at the top are very rewarding.

Malibu is also home to several incredible hiking trails including, Point Mugu and The M*A*S*H Hike. Each offer unique views into to the historical culture of the area.

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Estimated Time: 2-3 hours

Total Distance: 3-4 miles

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Total Distance (miles)

The Roberts Ranch Adobe was destroyed in a 1982 wildfire. Hikers today can explore the house's ruins.

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Solstice Canyon is preserved by the National Park Service.

Solstice Canyon Hiking Trail Photo Gallery

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When to Go

Spring: The ideal time to explore Solstice Canyon is during the spring when the water fall is roaring and the hills are green. However, the area is year round. Arrive early to find parking.

Dog Friendly

Yes, dogs on leashes are permitted.

Solstice Canyon Trail Map

Solstice Canyon Trail Directions

Coordinates for GPS: 34.037936, -118.747603

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Why We Liked It

Solstice Canyon is a gem! It features beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and is quickly accessible from the Malibu Pier area compared other hikes in the Malibu area. We enjoyed exploring the remnants of the Keller House and Roberts Adobe as well as getting a good cardio workout. We will be back!

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