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#GoHikeIt with Mitch Cox and Cleo Codrington

Enjoy a special #GoHikeIt interview with Mitch Cox and Cloe Codrington!

Who’s the couple behind the hike? Tell us more. 

We are Mitch and Cleo – a 20 something old Aussie couple, currently traveling our own country in a self converted camper van. We’ve spend the previous 4 years slowly exploring this vast continent, and have gradually managed to turn our passion for travel into a (small) source of income to allow us to continue our adventures.

What’s your ideal outdoor day? 

My ideal outdoor day would have to include a hike, preferably one to some remote coastal location. A solid surf session with a few good friends and an afternoon of cold beers with a sunset over the ocean and would top it off nicely.

What inspired you to pack it up a few years ago and it the road?

My partner Cleo and I had just finished up a Uni Degree, which we had begun straight from school. After 13 years of schooling, followed immediately by 3 years of University – we were both well and truly over the constant routine and mundane lifestyle we were living. We both wanted an escape, but with a dwindling supply of savings we simply couldn’t afford the luxury of international flights and expensive hotels. Instead, we converted my van into a rolling home on wheels – and hit the road.

What’s been you most epic adventure? 

My most epic adventure would have exploring Mexico on a whim, without a even a map or understanding of the local language. We drove all around the Baja Peninsula exploring perfect beach after perfect beach, free camping in amazing untouched locations.

What’s your favorite hike?

Australia has some pretty incredible hikes, but my all time favourite is found in the US. The scale of the American landscape is on a whole new level to that of Australia. The La Verkin Creek trail is in the backcountry of Zion, and compared to the more well known sections of the park, this area is practically deserted. We hiked to a campsite perched on a cool, shady patch of sand right next to a gentle waterfall. A deep plunge pool was right outside our doorstep, and Zion famous canyons surrounded us in every direction – it was pretty much heaven.

Complete the sentence Go  _Start!______ it.

Go explore it.

What’s been the biggest surprise on your travels?

My biggest surprise is how easily we’ve adapted to a life on the road, constantly moving and rarely spending more than one night in the same location. I thought this might come as a bit as a shock to me, but it honestly feels so natural now!

What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve learned from your travels? 

Saying Yes is definitely something I’ve learned from my travels – both throughout Australia and abroad. Say yes when a stranger asked you if you’d like a beer, say yes so the campers next door who have a little extra fish they’d love to share with you.

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