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Desert Mirage Mirror House

Palm Springs Desert Mirage Hiking Trail

Desert Mirage Mirror House: If you want more adventure after hiking in Coachella Valley or exploring the Tahquitz Canyon Waterfall Hike, the desert mirage house if for you! This very short hiking adventure, provides explorers the chance to see a glass mirror house that reflects the desert background. It’s an unbelievable site that creates stunning optical allusions. Depending on your perspective of the house, it can appear that there is nothing there expect for the outline of house. In addition to the exterior being completed covered in mirrors, the interior is also covered with mirrors and provides unique reflects of the desert landscape.

The Desert Mirage House was conceptualized and developed by Doug Aitken, a contemporary artist known for his exploration with various multi-surface artwork. The installation is free to hike around explore. It’s open through October 2017.

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Total Distance: 1-2 miles (round-trip)

Desert Mirage House Pictures

Desert Mirage House Directions

Total Distance (miles)


Doug Aitken's Artwork has been displayed at the Whitney Museum & Museum of Modern Art (New York)

Total Estimated Time (hour)

Palm Springs

Desert Mirage Glass House Photo Gallery

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When to Go

Year-Round: The Desert Mirage House is open to the public in Palm Springs from March – October 2017.

Dog Friendly

No, dogs are not permitted inside the Desert Mirage House.

Desert Mirage House Directions & Address

Doug Aitken’s Desert Mirage House Address GPS Coordinates: (33.8499° N, 116.5660° W)

The house it located in a gated community. It’s free to enter, but the house is only open 10AM – 7PM.

As of Summer 2017, the streets surrounding the house do not appear on Google Maps as it’s a new neighborhood.

Why We Liked It

If you’re searching for a unique desert experience, the Mirage House is it! Although it’s not a traditional hiking trail, the house features remarkable and unusual perspectives of the desert landscape. We marveled at the beautiful reflections and enjoyed walking around and inside the house. Definitely, bring a camera & #GoHikeIt!

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