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Kuamana Caves Hiking Trail: Located a short drive from Rainbow Falls in Hilo, Kaumana Caves were created in 1881 when lava erupted and formed a 21 mile long tube. Today, hikers can climb into Kaumana Caves and explore a small .1-.25 mile section of this lava tube.

Not for the faint of heart, this hike adventure takes explores deep into a wet, midst caves that’s full of mystery. From the initial entrance to the hike inside the cave, Kaumana Caves provide a local’s perspective to history and wonder.

Tip: Make sure to bring a flashlight and wear shoes.

Scroll down below to explore Kuamana Cave pictures, directions and a map. Enjoy!

Estimated Time: .5 hours

Total Distance: .25 miles

Map & Directions

Trail Pictures

Total Distance (miles)

The Kaumana Caves are part of a 25-mile-long lava tube.

Total Estimated Time (hour)

The Kaumana lava tube was formed in 1881.

Kaumana Caves Photo Gallery

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When to Go

Year-round: Kaumana Caves are open year round, but access may be restricted during rainy seasons.

Dog Friendly

Yes, dogs on leashes are permitted in Kaumana Caves.

Kaumana Caves Trail Map

Kaumana Caves Trail Directions

Address for GPS: 1492 Kaumana Dr, Hilo, HI 96720

Why We Liked It

Kaumana Caves are a mysterious location to hike and explore! We were fascinated by depth of the lava tubes and held onto each other’s hands and cell phone flashlights tightly as we explored the caves. If you’re visiting Hilo and adding multiple destinations to your Hawaiian hiking adventure, Kaumana Caves is add to your list!

Tag #gohikeit, if you go.

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