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Cedar Gulch Hiking Trail | Golden Colorado Hikes

Cedar Gulch Hike: Located 25-30 minutes from Denver, the Mt. Galbraith Loop is a fun moderate day hike. The rocky trail features panoramic views of the surrounding canyons, forest and city of Golden. Hikers can enjoy breathing in the area’s fresh air and climbing approximately 1,100 feet to Mt. Galbraith’s 7,260 foot peak.

The Cedar Gulch trail starts off near a shaded tree area and continues via switch backs up the hill. However, as the trail continues the shade disappears as trail continues up the hill. About 1.7 miles into the hike, the trail splits. It’s possible to go left or right, as the trail loops around the hill. The #GoHikeIt team went left up the mountain, which featured views of downtown Golden, before reaching the Mt. Galbraith’s summit. After the summit, the trail features a shaded trail forest area.

As a Golden hike, the area has its roots mined in gold history. In fact, during the  height of the Gold Rush in the mid 1800s, gold miners climbed the mountain as it was more accessible than the area’s drainages as they made their way west.

Tip: Bring excellent hiking shoes or well protected shoes as sections of the trail are very rocky.

Estimated Time: 2 hour

Total Distance: 4-5 miles (round-trip)

Trail Pictures

Map & Directions

Total Distance (miles)

Mt. Galbraith stand 7,260 feet tall!

Total Estimated Time (hours)

Cedar Gulch was a popular trail during the 1849 Gold Rush

Cedar Gulch Hiking Trail Photo Gallery

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When to Go

Year-Round: The Cedar Gulch is open from March – November. If you plan on visiting during the summer months, arrive early and bring plenty of water as there are limited shade opportunities at the start of the trail.

Dog Friendly

Yes, dogs are allowed on leashes.

Trail Map

Trail Directions

Address for GPS: Latitude 39.772651114830666, Longitude -105.25235092963868

Intensity Levels

Barry-the-Bear: Amazing! Although this hike was challenging for a beginner, I loved to push my beary limits and discover more of Colorado!
  • Intensity Level 72% 72%
Larry-the-Lion: The elevation made the hike more challenging, but I was patiently hiked the trail and enjoyed the scenic loop.
  • Intensity Level 55% 55%
Chris-the-Cheetah: What an awesome way to discover Colorado! Go early, as you can find an excellent parking spot in the lot and find yourself alone on the trails!
  • Intensity Level 34% 34%

Trail Pictures

Map & Directions

Why We Liked It

As there are plenty of outdoor adventures to enjoy in Colorado, it can be challenging to find the ideal hike. Although there are lots of trail options, the Cedar Gulch trail provides a diverse experience to satisfy even the most experienced hiker’s heart. We enjoyed seeing the panoramic views of Golden, traversing over the trail’s rocky sections and taking pictures in the trail’s forested area.

Enjoy it?

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