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Wildwood Trail | Portland Oregon City Hike

Wildwood Trail Overview: From lush forests to deep flowing waterfalls, Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area are home to several incredible wonders of nature and hiking trails! The 30-mile Wildwood Trail is no exception. Located a short 10-15 minute drive from the downtown  Portland metropolitan area, Wildwood trail is one of the city’s prominent trails. The well-maintained trail connects Forest Park to several trails routes that continue along the Columbia River to Willamette Greenway and other areas of southwest Portland.

Wildwood Trail is unique, because you’re fee to hop on and off as you see fit. The trail features several entrance/exit points and is well maintained with several trail marker signs. Sections of the trail are shaded by large tree overhangs that create a pleasant shade environment during the summer months.

Estimated Time: 1-12 hours (depending on how far you hike)

Total Distance: 1-30 miles

Trail Pictures

Map & Directions

Total Distance (miles)

Total Estimated Time (hours)

Wildwood Trail Photo Gallery

Wildwood Trail – Portland Oregon Trail Image Gallery (click on image to rotate through image/s) 

1-30 Miles


Open 5AM to 10PM

Covers more than 5,100 acres


More than 100 bird and mammal species live in the park

When to Go

Late Spring, Summer, or Early Fall: The hiking trails are closed during the cold winter months and rain may limit accessibility to certain trail during the stormy months. Therefore, the Go Hike Team recommends exploring the Wildwood Trail & Forest Park during the late spring, summer or early fall months.

Dog Friendly

Yes, dogs are permitted. However, they must be kept on leashes.

Trail Map & Directions

Address for GPS: Pittock Mansion, 3229 NW Pittock Dr, Portland, OR 97210

Why We Liked It

Portland is home to several incredible micro breweries, restaurants, parks and yes, even hiking trails! We discovered the Wildwood Trail while visiting the Pittock Mansion and were delighted by the vastness of the Forest Park that surrounds the trail area. The trail is well-maintained and not too challenging, but be prepared to climb a few hills and inclines. We only hiked about 3 miles-round trip on the Wildwood Trail and would love the opportunity to go back and explore more of the Forest Park area.

Enjoy it?

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