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In today’s smartphone era, it can be challenging to find dating opportunities that allow a couple to unplug, connect with great conversation, and share a memorable challenge. Over the years, The Go Hike It team has shared over 40 hikes together and has learned from the experiences of our adventures. Over the course of these hikes, we have gone from boyfriend and girlfriend to an engaged couple and now are looking forward to our upcoming wedding!

From our experiences, here are 7 lucky dating tips for your next date!

7)  Keep it simple: If it’s your first date or you are new to hiking, it’s important to keep the hike short and simple. If you make it too long or challenging, one of the individuals may get too tired or feel too challenged and not have an enjoyable time. Keeping the hike to 2-5 miles will help ensure that you still get a workout, but are not gone all day. In case it’s a first date and you don’t feel chemistry with the other person, the short hike will get you back on your way. If you enjoy the short hike, then you can plan a longer hike for a future date.

For short, fun hikes in the Southern California area, check out Dana Point Headlands, Badlands Hiking Trail or the Griffith Observatory Hike.

6) Don’t dress to impress: Hiking is not a fashion show. It’s important to look good, but don’t worry about having the perfect outfit, hair, and makeup. If you appear too high maintenance, it may take away part of the experience of sharing an active, outdoorsy moment with your date. As a rule of thumb, if spend more time getting ready for this hike then you would for church or work, then it’s time to scale back. Focus more on making sure you have the right attire, such as comfortable walking shoes and breathable athletic apparel.

5) Be prepared: Bring a simple snack, such as nuts or a piece of fruit as well as a water bottle. Bringing snacks will show your date that you can plan ahead and are thoughtful and responsible. If you are going on an early afternoon hike, pack a light lunch to enjoy during your hike. For a list of additional hiking gear, check out this list of recommended hiking gear.

4) Research restaurants in the area: If there is chemistry, you may want to continue your date after the hike. If you research a few local eateries in advance, you will already be prepared to make a smooth transition from your hike to sharing drinks or lunch. It will also show your date that you can plan ahead or at leas are knowledgeable of fun activities.

3) Be rested: Hiking requires energy and can be a physical strain on you body. If you are less active, it may be even more physically taxing. Try and get a good night sleep the night before your hiking date adventure. Being rested will keep it fun for both parties.

2) Be romantic: If it’s your 3rd date or 30th date, (guys) you may want a special something for your hiking buddy. Maybe it’s a pressed flower in your hiking backpack (don’t pick the wildflowers) or a small gift that means something to the both of you. No matter what the romantic gesture is, your date will greatly appreciate the thought, planning, and gesture.

1) Be spontaneous and have fun! If you are feeling a connection and want to make a move, go ahead! Sharing a kiss in the wilderness can be a hot, memorable, and fun experience for both parties.

Have fun and enjoy your hiking adventure!

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