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Mount Rubidoux Hiking Trail Overview:

Featuring over 161 acres and 3.5 miles of paved and dirt hiking trails, Mount Rubidoux Park in Riverside, CA is an excellent hiking location for new hikers, trail runners, and boulders. The park previously known as “Huntington Park,” was officially established in 1906 when Frank Miller, owner of the Mission Inn, purchased the property with some friends and formed the Huntington Park Association. In 1955, the heirs of Frank Miller donated the property to the city and the park’s name was changed from Huntington Park to Frank A. Miller Mount Rubidoux Memorial Park.

If you are around Mount Rubidoux during Spring, there is also a Sunrise Service at the top each Easter. Originally started in 1909 by Jacob Riis, a friend of President Roosevelt, the  outdoor Easter Sunrise Service is the oldest outdoor Easter non-denominational sunrise service in the United States. During the 1920s at its peak attendance, over 30,000 people congregated on the hill to listen to the Easter service. Today, there are still thousands of people that climb the hill in the early morning hours to enjoy the Easter service.

Today the park is a popular destination for locals and tourists as the hill’s views provide an excellent panoramic view of downtown Riverside and the surrounding county.

Fun fact: The Testimonial Peach Tower bridge was dedicated to Frank Miller in 1925 and it a replica of a famous bridge in Alcantara, Spain.

The early bird gets the worm! This was the first sunrise hike that the Go Hike It Team enjoyed! Yes, that’s right f-i-r-s-t! After reviewing over 30 California hiking trails, the team ventured up the hike in the early morning hours and found a comfortable spot to listen to the annual Easter Service. We enjoyed the community feeling of the service and how it incorporated community groups from all over Riverside, even the mayor made an appearance!Mt. Rubidoux is a perfect spot for practicing a hill trail run and new hikers looking for a shorter distance; however, its moderate incline provides a modest workout for Southern California hikers.

Total Distance:
2-3 miles round-trip.

Trail Map:

View Mt. Rubidoux Park Hiking Trail in a larger map


From the Orange County Area:
  • Take the 1-5 N to the CA-241 N
  • Take the 91 E to Mulberry St in Riverside
  • Take the University Ave/Mission Inn Ave exit from the CA-91 E
  • Merge onto Mulberry St.
  • Turn left onto University Avenue
  • Turn left onto Redwood Dr. 
  • Take the 2nd right onto 9th St.
  • Turn left onto Mt. Rubidoux Dr.
  • Slight left at the 9th St. 
From the Los Angeles  Area:
  • Take US-101 S
  • Follow CA 60-E to Rubidoux Blvd in Riverside County. Take the Rubidoux Blvd exit from CA-60 E 
  • Continue on Rubidoux Blvd to destination
  • Turn right onto Rubidoux Blvd
  • Turn left onto Mission Blvd
  • Continue onto Mission Inn Ave
  • Turn right onto Redwood Dr.
  • Take the 2nd right onto 9th St.
  • Turn left onto Mt. Rubidoux Dr.

Where To Park:

  • There is a complimentary parking lot in the Ryan Bonamio Park. The park is open during normal business hours. There is also parking areas in along the street, but use your best judgement.

What To Bring:

When To Go:

  • Year Round: Since most of Mt. Rubidoux’s trails are paved, it’s easy to enjoy the trails year round. If you want to explore Mt. Rubidoux during the summer, the Go Hike It team recommends starting the hiker in the early AM or late afternoon to help avoid the hot Riverside summer temperatures.
How The Trail Looks:
Mount Rubidoux Sunrise
Trees at the top of Mount Rubidoux
Hikers enjoying the Riverside sunrise
View from Mount Rubidoux hiking trail
Hikers walking up Mt. Rubidoux trail in Riverside, CA


Mt Rubidoux hiking trail
Easter Sunrise Service at Mt. Rubidoux
Top of Mt. Rubidoux Park hiking trail
Dog-Friendly: Yes, dogs on leashes are allowed on the Mount Rubidoux hiking trail.

Intensity Levels:Barry-the-Bear: “I love this hike beary much! It took me about 1.5 hours roundtrip, and I enjoyed the beautiful hilltop views! Next time, I’m going to bring my lunch to eat at the top.”

Larry-the-Lion: “Mt. Ruidoux is legendary! I was very pleased with this historic hike. It took me about 1-hour roundtrip and even inspired me to venture to the famous Mission Inn Resort afterwards.”

Chris-the-Cheetah: “I ran up the hill and back, which provided more of a work-out for my fitness level. It’s a great place for exercise! If you go in the summer, start early to avoid high temperatures.”


Have you hiked Mount Rubidoux? What’s your favorite California hike? Share your hiking adventures with a comment below!

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