Moonstone Beach Boardwalk Hiking Trail

Moonstone Boardwalk Trail

Cambria Beach Hiking Trail: Moonstone Beach Boardwalk is a quintessential beach hiking trail for visitors to the Cambria area. The 2.5-3 mile roundtrip hike, takes visitors along a coastal bluff that provides incredible views of the rocky shoreline & Pacific Ocean. The trail is fairly flat and there are various beach access points along the way. Although the trail is near several hotels & bed & breakfasts, all of the overnight establishment are on the inland side of Pacific Coast Highway; allowing the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk to be free of development.

If you’re in the San Louis Obispo area or visiting Hearst Castle, take a detour and check out the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk. It’s worth a visit!

Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

Total Distance: 3 miles (round-trip)

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Total Distance (miles)


In 1869, Cambria received its official name. It means Wales in Latin.

Total Estimated Time (hour)


Wild turkey are a common sight throughout Cambria.

Cambria Moonstone Boardwalk Photo Gallery

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When to Go

Spring/Summer/Fall: Cambria is accessible year-round, however it can be very cold and wet during the winter months. Therefore, it’s recommended to explore the boardwalk during the summer months. If you prefer less crowds, it’s better to try this hike in the early AM or during the early Spring or late Fall.

Dog Friendly

Yes, dogs on leashes are allowed on Cambria’s Moonstone Beach Boardwalk,

Cambria Beach Trail Map

Moonstone Boardwalk Hiking Trail Directions

Address: 5620 Moonstone Beach Dr, Cambria, CA 93428

Why We Liked It

Cambria is a romantic destination for all! It’s a coastal gem that is perfect for hikers to get away from it all. We loved walking along the boardwalk and enjoying various perspectives of the Pacific Ocean. When we hiked the trail in the AM, we saw gentle blanked of costal flog covering the Pacific Ocean. In the late afternoon, the sun uncovered the costal fog blanket and warmed the landscape’s timeless beauty.

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