Water, water, flow our way! If you’re searching for incredible one-of-a-kind waterfalls, then look no further! You have reached #GoHikeIt’s list of favorite waterfall hikes. From Hawaii to Oregon to California, this list encompasses several favorite adventures to live aloha, be remote or feel refreshed.

Generally, spring is the ideal time to visit waterfalls as the winter snowfall melts and fills creeks, riverbeds, and waterfalls. Additionally, the best time to visit a waterfall is when mother nature is in full swing and dumping rain! Sudden rain will help propel additional water down existing waterfalls and even create spontaneous waterfalls. 

Best Waterfall Hikes

Capture unique photographs

Be safe & respect mother nature

Feel refreshed in the midst of nature

Bidwell Park

Refresh in the midst of the Sierra Nevada Mountains!

Rainbow Falls

Be adventurous in Mammoth Mountain.

Dana Point Harbor

Dance under the rain in Orange County, CA.

Akaka Falls

Refresh in the midst of the Big Island.

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