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Honey Bee Canyon Hiking Trail Overview:

Buzzzz! If you are a buzz-zz-y body, then Honey Bee Canyon has a sweet adventure for you! Perfectly located in the hive of Oro Valley, Honey Bee Canyon features scenic views of Saguaro Cactus and Mt. Lemmon. The majority of the trail is in a creek-bed that crisscrosses through rocks, boulders, and Saguaro Cactus (sometimes you feel like you’re trekking on sand at the beach). If you are looking for a shorter hike in the Tuscon and Oro Valley area, this Arizona hike is for you!

Fun fact: Did you know that it takes a Saguaro Cactus 50 years to grow arms?

Honey Bee Canyon Park was completed in 2012 after a public works expansion in the Oro Valley Area. The park features a complimentary parking area and picnic tables for outdoor relaxation. Although the developed park area is fairly small, the scenic dirt trail of Honey Bee Canyon runs for a few miles in the creekbed. The Go Hike It team enjoyed the scenic views of the Mt. Lemmon mountain range and the Saguaro Cactus. Additionally, since Honey Bee Canyon is a relatively newer park, the trail was less crowded, which creates a relaxing, private hiking experience.Total Distance:

2-4 miles (round trip) – There is no clear turn around point along the trail. Hike until you feel comfortable.

Trail Map:

View Honey Bee Canyon Hiking Trail in a larger map


From Downtown Tucson Area:
  • Take AZ-77 N/N Oracle Rd
  • Turn left onto N 1st Ave
  • Continue onto N Rancho Vistoso Blvd
  • Turn right onto Morning Vista Dr.
  • Turn left onto N. Carlynn Cliff Dr.
  • Turn right onto N Bushwacker Pl
  • Take the 1st left onto E. Big Wash Pl
From Phoenix Area:
  • Take 1-10 E/US-60E
  • Keep left to stay on the 1-10 E
  • Take exit 240 for Tangerine Rd
  • Turn left onto N La Canada Dr.
  • Turn right onto W Moore Rd
  • Turn left onto N. Rancho Vistoso Blvd
  • Turn right onto Morning Vista Dr.
  • Turn left onto N. Carlynn Cliff Dr.

Where To Park:

  • There is a complimentary parking area in the Honey Bee Canyon Park entrance.

What To Bring:

When To Go: Winter/Spring (cooler months): Tucson Arizona is known for its hot, dry temperatures, especially in the summer and fall months. (Why do you think older folks move there? The heat feels great on your bones!) Therefore, we recommend doing this hike in the cooler months, like winter and spring. Bring plenty of water and snacks, and check the weather forecast prior. If rain is likely (monsoons are common in the summer), you may need to watch out for sudden downpours that may catch you off guard.


How The Trail Looks:

Dog-Friendly: Yes, dogs are allowed in the Honey Bee Canyon.

Intensity Levels:

  • Barry-the-Bear: “This hike was made for me – moderately flat, not too long, and offered easy parking. Sometimes, I felt like I was walking on sand at the beach, which made Honey Bee Canyon challenging for me!”
  • Larry-the-Lion: “Honey Bee Canyon hike was beautiful. It was remote, quiet, and I only saw one other hiker! All in all, it took me about 45 minutes to complete at a moderate walking pace.” 
  • Chris-the-Cheetah: “To challenge myself, I ran Honey Bee Canyon! Boy, the sandy floor made it hard; it reminded me of a beach run, just with warmer temperatures! It took me 30 minutes to run roundtrip.”

Have you explored the Honey Bee Canyon Park? What’s your favorite Arizona hike? Share your hiking adventures with a comment below!

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