Deep in the heart of San Diego county lies San Diego, the second largest city in California and eight largest city in the United States. Featuring of the the two best summer climates in America, according to The Weather Channel, San Diego and its surrounding county’s pleasant climate make it ideal for hiking adventures. Depending on where you hike in San Diego, you are able to enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean and even as far south as Mexico.

The team has discovered a few hikes in San Diego and here are its top 3 hikes!

Torrey Pines San Diego Hiking Trail

3) Torrey Pines Hiking Trail: This short 3-4 mile round-trip hike is ideal for new hikers or weekend San Diego visitors. The trailhead is easy to access of the freeway and provides a good opportunity to stretch the legs before heading to downtown San Diego. Although short the walk up the hill can be a little challenging, if you are newer to working out. However, have no fear, the rest of the hike offers a pretty flat terrain and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Cowles Mountain Hiking Trail in San Diego

2) Cowles Mountain Hiking Trail: If you want to enjoy a workout that is still in the heart of the San Diego City limits, then Cowles Mountain is it! This popular hike is a locals’ haven for trail runners, dog walkers, and fitness enthusiasts of all backgrounds. The trail’s switchback provides a moderate, yet enduring workout for all backgrounds. If you reach the summit, you can enjoy views as far south as Mexico! Depending on your speed, this San Diego hiking trail takes about 1-2 hours total.

Potato Chip Rock Hiking Trail in Poway, San Diego

1) Potato Chip Rock Hiking Trail: If you haven’t heard this hike yet, you must be hiding under a rock! Potato Chip Rock Hiking Trail has exploded the past two years in popularity, mainly due to users posting photographs and hashtaging #potatochip on Instagram. Its social media popularity has made it a marque destination for all! The GoHiketIt Team recommends starting this trail early, as the wait to take pictures at the top can take awhile. Plan for the hike to take between 2.5-3.5 hours.

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